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Reminders from Administration


Student Cell Phone/Electronic Devices Policy 

 It is our expectation that ALL students have their cell phones or any other electronic devices TURNED OFF and put away in their backpacks (including earbuds) during school hours. This also includes the student’s lunch time and passing periods. If student has a phone or any other electronic device out it can and will be confiscated and only the primary guardian will be allowed to pick up the item before 3:30pm



  • Students should be aware of item being brought into office as we do not interrupt class time to notify student of delivery.
  • Parents can drop off an item for their child in the front office. You will need to log in the item using our sign in sheet.
  • Money or electronic devices such as phones can not be dropped off for student pick up.
  • It is student’s responsibility to pick up their item during passing period, lunch or after school.



  • Parents! You MUST have a picture ID to pick up your child. No student will be released without proper identification. NO IDENTIFICATION – NO STUDENT
  • Only those people listed on a student’s emergency contact list may pick up a student. Primary guardian will be contacted to give authorization for emergency contact to pick up student.
  • If a student needs to be pulled out of school and it is his/her lunch time, we will make an outside page for your student. This does not guarantee student will hear the page.
  • Due to our 10/10 Rule we will not release students the first or last 10 minutes of class.
  • We STRONGLY encourage you not pull your child out the last half hour of school. This disrupts the class and causes students to miss vital information.



If your address has changed please be prepared to submit a current utility bill in your name as proof of address with ID. Please make sure you contact the school with any new information, such as telephone number. In case of an emergency, it is CRUCIAL that we have current information.


Parent/Teacher Communication

If you are in need of contacting a teacher, you can do so by logging onto QParent Connection. This webpage allows you access to your student’s grades, attendance, homework and teacher emails. You can access this page by going onto

We highly encourage every parent to be involved with his or her student at school. Monthly meetings such as Morning with the Principal and events like Back to School Night are important for you to attend.


Bike and Skateboard Policy

Students are not allowed to ride their bike and skateboards on campus. All bikes & skateboards must be locked in the bike/skateboard gated area.


 Body Spray

Due to students with severe allergies any and all forms of body sprays will not be allowed on campus. We do encourage students to use solid/stick deodorant.