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Fontana Unified High School Earns First Model School Designation for Empowering Students for Success

Eric Birch High School joined an esteemed list of 31 schools to earn Model Continuation School designation from the Californi

FONTANA, CA – Eric Birch High School earned its first-ever Model Continuation School designation from the California Department of Education (CDE) for its alternative programming designed to empower at-promise youth to pursue academic and personal success.

Birch High joined an esteemed list of 31 schools to secure Model Continuation School status in 2024. Model Continuation Schools retain their designation for three years and will be formally recognized during the 2024 California Continuation Education Association Plus State Conference in Los Angeles on April 25-28.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each member of the Eric Birch High School community. The Model Continuation High School recognition reflects our collective efforts and dedication to providing alternative services and support to our students,” Birch High Principal Mike Bunten said. “Let us continue to work together to inspire, empower, and uplift every student who faces unique challenges or circumstances.”

It has been a banner school year for Birch High, as the Model Continuation School recognition follows its “Best High Schools” ranking from the U.S. News & World Report and its gold-level qualification for the California Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Coalition earlier in the school year.

Birch High comprehensively equips at-promise students with resources that set them up for success academically in high school and their future college or career paths, all while cultivating a positive, growth-focused atmosphere. The school utilizes innovative learning environments that support the academic and social-emotional needs of every student.

Eric Birch High School was named a 2024 Model Continuation School for how it comprehensively equips students with resources

Birch High tailors individualized learning plans rich with diverse curricula and work-based programs that meet students’ unique needs and enable them to pursue their academic goals while offering opportunities for accelerated credit fulfillment. A digital learning environment alternatively provides students with a choice of online and in-person instruction for select courses, which allows for greater schedule flexibility and school-life balance.

Campus staff and administrators prioritize the social-emotional growth of its students, as the school offers comprehensive counseling services and wellness resources that empower holistic growth.

“This recognition underscores our mission to provide strong education services and support to our students,” Superintendent Miki R. Inbody said. “We happily celebrate this achievement and reiterate our pledge to inspire and empower every student at Fontana Unified to achieve.”