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Linda Amezcua, a Fontana Unified School District worker, has been named one of the 2024 San Bernardino Countywide Classified School Employees of the Year

Linda Amezcua

Linda Amezcua is an exceptional Health Clerk. On average, she sees 200 students a week, checking everything from bumps, bruises and broken bones to the medical needs of Moderate/Sever students on campus. Her caring spirit enables her to compassionately treat the students who come to see her.

Linda’s expertise extends further than the health office. She plays an active role in Poplar Elementary’s community by joining the PTA, Wellness Committee, the 100-mile club and by being actively involved in the implementation of PBIS Awards to students for demonstrating good behaviors. Conferences of leading health workshops for parents and community members, Linda is always willing to go the extra mile to support the wellbeing of her students.