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Stacey Edwards is supporting our programs and services as Fontana Adult School's newest budget technician!

Stacey Edwards joined our team at Fontana Adult School in the midst of the pandemic, and quickly took over several crucial steps to helping students.  Her main work revolves around

Creating CTE flyers

Helping CTE students with appointments, payments, and program breakdowns

Referring students to AJCC services

Purchasing supplies

Distributing GED vouchers

Bus passes

Ordering of equipment and supplies

Ordering and distributing safety supplies

Taking care of timesheets

Assisting students in the absence of guidance technicians

Tracking budgets, payroll, and technology inventory


Stacey is enjoying her time at FAS because she likes new opportunities to learn and grow.  She welcomes challenges.  She enjoys seeing students get certificates and cheering for them as they complete programs.  Stacey also enjoys making desserts for staff members.