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Julia Nunez Bustillos becomes our AmeriCorps Vista at Fontana Adult School.

When Julia Nunez Bustillos contacted our administrative team to meet with us about becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA, we were ecstatic. as a recent graduate of UC San Diego, we knew we were getting a resourceful, intelligent, empathetic person who can help our studnets move toward success. 

We have been so lucky to have her on our team at Fontana Adult School since December 7, 2020.  Julia has already shown she has technology skills, as well as creativity, and focus.  She is currently working on reaching out to alumni to not only provide them support, but to find who among them has success stories that we can use to help inspire our current students.  

Julia will be working alongside Valerie Sato and the rest of the team at Fontana Adult School to help the communtiy of Fontana with economic and educational opportunties, as well as mental, physical, and emotional wellness resources.