What are the benefits of MCJROTC?

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Benefits include:
  • Approximately 60 percent of the MCJROTC cadets graduating seniors continue to higher education.
  • MCJROTC provides the opportunity for secondary school students to learn the basic elements and need for national security and their personal obligations as Americans.
  • The program enhances the image of the military in the eyes of the community by providing a chance for success to the nation's youth.
  • While the training is along military lines, it is conducted so as to encourage initiative and individuality to develop natural gifts, to teach self-control, develop personal character, responsibility and qualities of integrity, loyalty, and dedication.
  • Cadets derive self-esteem from belonging to MCJROTC.
  • MCJROTC cadets are better behaved, have higher attendance, are role models for the avoidance of substance abuse, have higher self-esteem, develop positive life skills, graduate at a higher rate, and are an excellent source of service accessions.
  • The values, principles, and self-discipline taught in MCJROTC promotes positive, productive behaviors.
  • The MCJROTC program is motivational in encouraging cadets to graduate from high school.
  • Cadets successfully completing at least 3 years of MCJROTC are entitled to advanced promotion to pay grade E-3 upon initial enlistment in an active or reserve component of the Navy or Air Force and pay grade E-2 in the Army or Marine Corps.
  • Cadets accepted for enlistment, who successfully complete 2 years of MCJROTC are entitled to be enlisted in pay grade E-2 (except in the Marine Corps and Air Force).
  • Senior Marine Instructor is authorized to nominate a maximum of three eligible cadets each year to compete for U.S. Naval Academy appointments.