What subjects are included in the curriculum?

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The wide variety of subjects includes the following:
  • CITIZENSHIP - Provides all aspects of citizenship to include patriotism, citizenship requirements, civic responsibilities, and national defense.
  • LEADERSHIP - An ongoing study of the principles and practical application of leadership with emphasis on providing opportunities for students to exercise and develop their own leadership abilities.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH AND RESPONSIBILITY - Provides information and requires cadet involvement in physical fitness, health, hygiene, nutrition, social skills, written and oral communication and personal finance.
  • PUBLIC SERVICE AND CAREER EXPLORATION - Provides information on career preparation and opportunities for public service.
  • GENERAL MILITARY SUBJECTS - Explains all aspects of MCJROTC administration, drill and ceremonies, uniforms, clothing and equipment, customs, courtesies and traditions of the Marine Corps, ranks structure, chain of command, military history, marksmanship, first aid, guard duty, land navigation, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).