Kaiser Theatre Presents: A Piece of My Heart , by Shirley Lauro

Student holding a guitar smiling

The powerful, true drama about six nurses who went to Vietnam. The play portrays each young woman before, during and after her tour of duty in the war -torn jungle of Vietnam.

Piece of my Heart plays

December 5, 6,7,12,13 7pm at Kaiser High School, tickets are $5 presale and 10$ at the door.

The Cast includes: Alyssa Rodriguez, Britney Gomez Landeros, Amanda Zierden, Alexis Limas, Serena Davis, Joy Eguabor, as the nurses and  Aaron Gomez, Addison Landeros, Anthony Bouslaiby, Ronoldo Chavarria as the All American Men

Including a swing cast: Natalie Valdez, Haley Bauer, Abigail Pineda Caitlin Scarlatella, Giselle Albavera, Toni Smith Nick Wise, Tito Aragon, Jesse James Cammorata